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====== About ====== ====== About ======
-===== HoldingNuts ===== +This page has been moved to [[http://www.holdingnuts.net/about]].
- +
-The project was started on 2008/11/15 by Dominik Geyer (datag). +
- +
-==== What does the project name mean? ==== +
-HoldingNuts means to hold the [[wp>Nut_hand|nut hand]] in a poker game. Maybe this is ambiguous, too ;-). +
- +
-I found this name during brainstorming (better: namestorming). My first idea was ''OpenPoker'', but this name is already occupied by another project and I tought it would be a rather boring name (like YAPG - yet another poker game). So I played around with words like ''Open, Source, Poker, Hold'em'', in hope to find a sense for a [[wp>backronym]] afterwards. Later, I tought about nice situations in a poker game. Spontaneously the sentence "Holding the Nuts" came to my mind, which I formed to "HoldingNuts". +
-===== Developers and Contributors ===== +
- +
-If you would like to contact someone listed here, please take a look at the page [[contact]]. +
- +
-^Name  ^Function  ^ +
-|Dominik Geyer (datag)  |project founder, developer, project wiki  | +
-|ghostface  |graphic artist, testing  | +
-|princess  |testing  | +
-|Michael Miller (miller_m)  |developer  |+
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