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Known bugs

This page lists known bugs for released versions of HoldingNuts.

See also: ChangeLog

Release 0.0.4

  • The player name is stripped off in foyer-messages (join/left foyer) when the name contains spaces (changeset:633)
  • The message “is allin with xx.xx” is not always shown (bet/raise message shown instead) (changeset:632)
  • An allin-player should have no option to show/muck cards (changeset:632)

Release 0.0.3

  • A bug in the client causes rounding errors on betting which might leave players with an amount of 0.01 chips when allin
  • In some cases the bet-buttons disappear and no more action is possible

Release 0.0.2

  • The chat-box loses input focus on game-state change (ticket #80)
  • Missing feature: It's not possible to start games before they are full (ticket #84)
  • In some situations the server does not accept the current minimum-bet (ticket #96)
  • Heads-up rule (2 players): After the flop the dealer had first action, which is wrong. (changeset r507)
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