This is a log of changes made to HoldingNuts between each release.

See also: Known bugs, project timeline

Release 0.0.5

Released on 26 Jun 2009.

  • fixed: don't strip off player name on foyer messages (join/left foyer)
  • fixed: don't allow players who are allin to muck their cards
  • fixed: don't allow the dealer-button to be movable by mouse
  • workaround: set encoding to UTF-8; allows localized chat
  • new translations: Russian, Italian
  • improved re-connect feature (re-initialization on new round)
  • added log messages for some more events
  • fixed (on Windows): omit playing sounds if table window is hidden
  • added notice for waiting for the table to open
  • limit length of nickname and player info
  • update display of pot after each bet:
    • summarize all pots and bets instead of showing single pots
    • detailed information about the pot is shown as tooltip window

Release 0.0.4

Released on 29 May 2009.

  • fixed sending quotes in chat
  • fixed server-history (sort by most recent server)
  • chop long nicknames on table-seat
  • fixed positions of dealer-button
  • new option: bring table-window to top
  • new translation: Japanese
  • removed support for cent-amounts, only whole chips bets possible
  • fixed displaying last action of current player
  • new option: display time in foyer chat
  • new option: several verbosity levels for chat/log messages
  • increased maximum length of chat messages
  • fixed client calculation for determining quick-bet buttons
  • send blinds-message to table on blinds raise
  • log table messages
  • new option: send welcome message to clients on connect
  • fixed: show starting blinds in gameinfo instead of current blinds
  • support for restart-games (games which restart after they ended)
  • localized server messages like “joined foyer”, “player broke”, …
  • fixed client problem with bet-actions appearing
    • a second time after action was performed
    • when no more action was possible (e.g. all others allin)
  • prevent auto-action-checkboxes from overlapping action-buttons
  • fixed order of removing broken players from game when two or more players go broke in the same hand
  • added command-line option for specifying alternative config-directory (this allows multiple server/client instances with independent config)
  • created simple man-pages
  • adjusted version-compat to 0.0.4

Release 0.0.3

Released on 24 April 2009.

  • bugfix: fixed losing chatbox input focus
  • gamelist: update gamelist immediately on newly created games
  • settings-dialog: clear UUID setting
  • quick-bet buttons (like 1/2 or pot-size bet)
  • bugfix: corrected headsup blinds rule (order of action)
  • distribution of split-pot odd-chips
  • new translation: Romanian
  • randomly place players around table on start of game
  • centralized table view (rotate table that player takes central seat)
  • localized table messages (e.g. “Player1 checked.” in user's language)
  • previous opened table can now be re-opened
  • new sounds for table events
  • fixed card decks: corrected position of suit and made suits slightly bigger
  • two-staged “It's your turn” reminder (text and sound)
  • auto-connect to default-server config-option
  • support for private, password protected games
  • improved lobby layout
  • server: set/get config vars at runtime (when authed)
  • client: server connection history
  • simple server statistics
  • include timestamp in log
  • owner can start game before it is full
  • gamelist filter for started and private games

Release 0.0.2

Released on 27 March 2009.

  • Initial release
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