Note: This isn't a real milestones info page yet.

0.1.0 (redesign)


  • remove all notes about “can be used as a commercial client” (from website, wiki, …) as it's definitely not yet ready for it and maybe will never be
  • :?: file-layout on linux: comply with LSB (/usr/games/bin VS. /usr/games)


  • PING ↔ PONG: check client connectivity (as TCP/IP timeout shows unreliable when DSL disconnected (?))
  • FEATURES: additional handshake determining client/server features
  • :?: incremental table state updates: this could extremely reduce traffic but increases complexity of server and client code
  • FIND PLAYER: find a player by name (:?: whole playerlist is still in question)
  • better way of sending games-list
    • divide into game-types
    • :?: send automatically without request


  • start from a clean base: remove the C-Code-Style legacies and do it in clean C++
  • remove (maybe fix…) “auto-complete nickname” in chat-box: this is one of the most hated “feature”, as it's not working correctly :-/


  • fix the table- and list-models
  • :?: complete foyer GUI redesign


  • fix the high CPU-load
  • :?: customizable layout (via XML?)


  • :?: _prepare_ support for different game-types (omaha, 7card-stud, …) - but only prepare
  • :?: MTT (multi table tournament) support
  • decide whether to include the current ranking-code and if, which config-vars are needed
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