Note: Replace xx and xx_XX with your locale country code (e.g. de and de_DE).

Resource files

The localisation resources for the HoldingNuts client are simple XML-files. They can either be edited by hand/text-editor (not recommended) or with the Qt development tool Linguist.


On a debian-based system you can run

sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

How to create a new resource file?

Best is to contact a HoldingNuts developer and ask him to send the latest translation template.

Another way is to generate a template yourself. Checkout and setup the sources for updating translations (described in setup). Means, configuring your environment with


Create a file trunk/src/client/translations/hn_xx.ts

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TS version="2.0" language="xx_XX">

Run make to generate the translation file

make translations

How to update an existing resource file?

Same as in above section but without the “create file” step.

Alternatively run lupdate manually.

How to test a new translation?

  1. Generate the binary translation file (*.qm)
    • either by using Linguist FileRelease as.... Save to file to data/i18n/hn_xx.qm
    • or by running make translations when you've checked out the sources. Copy the file from build/src/client/hn_xx.qm to data/i18n/hn_xx.qm
    • or by runnning lrelease manually: lrelease hn_de.ts
  2. Edit your client configuration file with a text-editor. Set the config variable locale to ”locale xx”.
  3. Start the client. It should now use your new/updated translation.
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